Kids' photoshoot ideas to try at home!


Like any other new mom, I’d often wonder what my baby could possibly be dreaming about. Well, according to Google little ones don’t really have dreams, so I decided to give my own take on it and started creating different dream like scenarios around my sleeping boy simply by using whatever things — from towels and blankets to toys and more toys — I could find around the house. Soon, little Vedh spent his naps collecting stars, enjoying ice creams, relaxing on a beach and flying a parachute.

Now that Vedh’s a threenager he’s always on the move and nap time photoshoot wasn’t an option anymore. So I had to adapt and get creative — that’s how all the crafts /DIY projects came into the picture.

Hi there! I’m Dipika, the mama “behind” the camera and if you’re looking for some creative and adorable kids’ photo shoot ideas then you have stumbled upon the right place ‘cause I do have some fun ideas that you could take inspiration from. 


Mom and baby photoshoot ideas at beach

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