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DIY Valentine's Day kids' photoshoot with tic tac toe backdrop.

Love always wins!

Happy Valentine’s Day people! This year let’s hold on to love and cherish it a little more when the going gets rough because in the end love always wins!

DIY Valentine's Day kids photoshoot with balloons

Nothing says ‘LOVE’ like balloons!

Nothing says love like balloons.! They’re surely a Valentine’s day staple and it’s only fair to include them in a valentines photoshoot.

DIY Valentine's Day kids' photoshoot with letters backdrop

Letters for Romeo.!

There is nothing better than waking up to some sweet love messages on Valentine’s Day, so this little Romeo is surely on cloud nine!

DIY Valentine's Day kids' photoshoot with XOXO backdrop

It’s all about the XOs

A valentine’s photo series is definitely incomplete without some XOs, so that’s what this backdrop is all about.!

DIY Valentine's Day kids photoshoot with paper plates backdrop

The wall of Love..

Happy valentine’s week folks.. this year we are welcoming the week of love with a wall full of love..

DIY New year kids photoshoot

A warm welcome to 2023!

Happy New Year guys, we’re keeping it simple this time and welcoming the new year with two of Vedh’s most favorite things – cupcakes and candles.

DIY Harry Potter theme kids' photoshoot

Halloween at Hogwarts!

So, Vedh got into Hogwarts this year.. Yayy!! His Sorting Ceremony was on the same day as Halloween and guess what? He’s a GRYFFINDOR!

Devil theme kids halloween photoshoot

Party with the Devil

A huge round of applause to the Devil himself for hosting the Hell’s most happening Halloween party ever!! After a long night of fun, he finally agreed to pose for a few pictures, all thanks to his bat friends!

DIY Emoji theme photoshoot

OMG.. Vedh is 4!

OMG! This little boy is growing up too quickly. I just can’t believe he’s four already, FOUR!!

DIY Emoji theme backdrop

DIY Emoji theme backdrop

We recently threw a super fun Emoji party to celebrate Vedh’s 4th birthday. One of my favorite elements from the party was the paper plate Emoji backdrop that I made and I’m excited to share just how fun it was to make!

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