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Giant gumball machine backdrop

Woo hoo! Check out this giant gumball machine giving out unlimited gumballs for free…!

Giant gumball machine backdrop.


Here’s everything I used:

Play balls

DIY gumball machine cutouts – base & lid

Giant gumball machine backdrop.

Setting up

I first taped the base to wall with some painter’s tape followed by the lid at a desired height from the base.

DIY Giant gumball machine backdrop.

Then, I taped as many play balls as needed in place with some double sided tape and left the rest of them scattered on the floor. During the shoot, I taped a ball to the cardboard flap as a finishing touch.

Giant gumball machine backdrop.

Hope you liked this fun idea, I’d love to see how your pictures turn out so tag me on Instagram when you post them. Also, do checkout Mommy clicks on Facebook and Pinterest.


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