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Streamers backdrop ~ rainbow theme

I’m in complete awe with this rainbow themed backdrop. Honestly, doesn’t it remind you of those colored lines on a T.V screen or is it just me?

DIY streamers backdrop photo idea


Here’s everything you need:


Painter’s tape

DIY streamers backdrop photo idea

Setting up your backdrop

1) Start by deciding the dimensions of your backdrop. Mine was 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide because it was mainly meant for my little one.

2) At the top, tape a large piece of painters tape to the wall with its sticky side out.

DIY streamers backdrop photo idea

3) Attach the streamers making sure they slightly overlap and let them run all the way down to the floor.

4) At the bottom, tape the streamers to the wall so that they stay in place during photos.

DIY streamers backdrop photo idea

Hope you liked this fun idea, I’d love to see how your pictures turn out so tag me on Instagram when you post them. Also, do checkout Mommy clicks on Facebook and Pinterest.


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