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Cocomelon birthday party prep and decor.

A Cocomelon birthday party!

It feels like yesterday that we celebrated his fourth birthday and in the blink of an eye, he turned FIVE! We did a ‘Cocomelon – Wheels on the Bus’ theme this year as requested by the birthday boy and here’s how everything turned out.

DIY Emoji theme photoshoot

OMG.. Vedh is 4!

OMG! This little boy is growing up too quickly. I just can’t believe he’s four already, FOUR!!

DIY Emoji theme backdrop

Paper plate Emoji backdrop

Who doesn’t love emojis? Those silly little faces are so cheerful and goofy they’re sure to appeal to anyone. Here’s a fun emoji backdrop idea that’s simply perfect for a party or as a photo booth.

DIY emoji theme birthday party ideas

An Emojinal birthday !

My “little” boy just turned 4 a few days ago… FOUR!!! I still can’t believe it.! We decided to go with an emoji theme this year titled “OMG.. Vedh is 4!” since it best explains the way we feel about him growing up so fast and I am extremely happy with how everything turned out.

DIY party backdrop ideas

6 Easy birthday photoshoot ideas

With less than a week left for Vedh’s 3rd birthday, I decided to do a fun photo series – 1 backdrop per day until his birthday. Since I had very little prep time I had to think of something quick and easy.

Cake smash photoshoot ideas at home

Cake smash photoshoot ~ Mickey Mouse theme

Vedh had a blast during the cake smash session, he sat there for almost an hour digging through the cake. Here are some cute pictures from the fun session.

Mickey Mouse themed cake smash photoshoot at home

Mickey Mouse baby photoshoot

Vedh looked absolutely adorable in his cake smash outfit so I decided to take some fun pictures before he got messy. Here’s my little mickey with his mickey.

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