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DIY Harry Potter theme kids' photoshoot

Halloween at Hogwarts!

So, Vedh got into Hogwarts this year.. Yayy!! His¬†Sorting Ceremony was on the same day as Halloween and guess what? He’s a GRYFFINDOR!

Devil theme kids halloween photoshoot

Party with the Devil

A huge round of applause to the Devil himself for hosting the Hell’s most happening Halloween party ever!! After a long night of fun, he finally agreed to pose for a few pictures, all thanks to his bat friends!

DIY pirate theme halloween kids photoshoot.

Pirate of the Caribbean

Since Vedh is going to be a Pirate for Halloween, I decided to take full advantage of his costume with a fun Pirate themed photoshoot.

Toddler batman photoshoot

Batman to the rescue

My little Batman is ready to face danger, fight crime and rescue the world. So have no fear….Batman is here!

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