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DIY Emoji theme backdrop

We recently threw a super fun Emoji party to celebrate Vedh’s 4th birthday. One of my favorite elements from the party was the paper plate Emoji backdrop that I made and I’m excited to share just how fun it was to make!

Paper plate emojis

Here’s everything I used:

Yellow paper plates

Multicolored self adhesive foam sheets

Sample cutouts



1) Once I decided on all the emoji faces that I want to make, I drew and cut all the shapes out of foam sheets. I was doing 3-5 of each emoji face so the sample cutouts were of huge help.

DIY Emoji theme backdrop

2) Once I had all the shapes cut, all I did was peel and stick them accordingly onto the paper plates to make some cute emojis. Use a glue stick incase your foam sheets aren’t self adhesive.

DIY Emoji theme backdrop

3) You could also glue a craft stick to the back of the plate to create some fun emoji photo booth props. I ended up doing 10 different emojis and 3 texts – 60 plates in total, to fill out my backdrop.

DIY emoji theme birthday backdrop.

The Backdrop

I wanted my backdrop to be slightly bigger that the usual party backdrops, so I used 12 foam boards – 20*30inch (found them in store) and hot glued them together in 4 rows and 3 columns to achieve the desired dimensions.

DIY emoji theme birthday backdrop.

Next up, I layed the backdrop flat on the floor and played around with the arrangement of the plates. I used an extra plate as a guide to get uniform spacing on all the four sides.

DIY emoji theme birthday backdrop.

Once I was happy with the arrangement, all I did was tape the plates in place with some double sided tape.

DIY emoji theme birthday backdrop.

I had 60 plates but ended up using only 56 of them. So I glued a craft stick to the back of each of the remaining plates and used them as photo props at the party. At the venue, I taped the backdrop to wall with some double sided tape and added a balloon arch around it. Take a look at the final outcome over here.

DIY emoji theme birthday backdrop.

Hope you liked this fun idea, I’d love to see how your pictures turn out so tag me on Instagram when you post them. Also, do checkout Mommy clicks on Facebook and Pinterest.


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