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DIY Number 4 balloon mosaic

Who else loves the mosaic balloon numbers? They are such a fun addition to a party and the best part is that they are fairly easy to make and budget friendly.  

Everything I used

Number template

Dual temp hot glue gun & glue sticks

Yellow balloons

Emoji balloons

Red balloons 5 inch

Glue dots

Utility knife

Ruler & pencil

Black foam boards 20*30inch (got them from the store)

The process

1) I started by purchasing this template from Etsy and followed their instructions to assemble the number 4. This product offers templates for 1ft -5ft large numbers which was very helpful since I haven’t decided on a size yet. I finally went with the 4ft template.

DIY number balloon mosaic

2) I hot glued 3 foam boards (horizontally) to accommodate the 4ft large paper cutout.

DIY number balloon mosaic

3) Using the paper cutout as a guide, I drew an outline of the number.

DIY number balloon mosaic

4) I used my utility knife to cut out the number. It was pretty easy to cut it out, took me hardly 10min.

DIY number balloon mosaic

5) I then measured and cut some 8inch wide strips for the border.

DIY number balloon mosaic

6) I hot glued the strips in place and that completes the number frame.

DIY number balloon mosaic

7) Lastly I inflated some yellow balloons and my emoji balloons to different sizes and started by randomly attaching the large/medium sized balloons with my hot glue gun at LOW TEMPERATURE to fill out the frame as much as possible. I then filled in the gaps with some 5inch red balloons using glue dots to stick the balloons to another.

DIY number balloon mosaic

Hope you liked this fun idea, I’d love to see how your pictures turn out so tag me on Instagram when you post them. Also, do checkout Mommy clicks on Facebook and Pinterest.

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