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DIY Pilot themed backdrop

This backdrop was a little time consuming compared to the rest of my DIY backdrops but it was totally worth it. Here’s how my pictures turned out.

A. Airplane cutouts

Everything you need

DIY airplane cutout steps.

A design

Craft papers


Paper knife

Glue stick


1. I drew the design on the wrong side of my craft paper and cut it out.

DIY airplane cutout steps

2. Then I cut the accessories out and glued them onto the airplanes.

DIY airplane cutout steps

B. Clouds

Everything you need:

Steps for making a cotton cloud.

Cloud cutouts

Cotton balls



1. Firstly, I applied some glue on the cutout.

Steps for making a cotton cloud.

2. I then stretched out some cotton balls and stuck them in place.

Steps for making a cotton cloud.

3. It took me three layers of cotton for each cloud to achieve the desired fluffiness.

Steps for making a cotton cloud.

C. The Backdrop

Here’s everything I used for this backdrop:

Blue craft paper roll

Painter’s tape


Airplane cutouts


1. Firstly, I cut the craft paper to desired dimensions and taped it to the wall with some painter’s tape.

Steps for DIY pilot themed backdrop

2. Then, I glued the airplane cutouts and taped the clouds to the backdrop.

Steps for DIY pilot themed backdrop

3. I later decided to extend the backdrop onto the floor and covered the trim area with some cotton.

Steps for DIY pilot themed backdrop

5. Lastly, I arranged all the props and here’s the final output.

Steps for DIY pilot themed backdrop

D. Props

The globe is from Target and the suitcase is a set of crayons gifted to Vedh.

For the pilot on duty sign, I wrote the text on a white craft paper, cut it to size and taped it to my laundry decor sign with some painter’s tape.

DIY pilot on duty sign.

Hope you liked this fun idea, I’d love to see how your pictures turn out so tag me on Instagram when you post them. Also, do checkout Mommy clicks on Facebook and Pinterest.


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