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Happy Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter people! It surely is a very happy Easter for me because I’ve finally managed to capture my little bunny with all his buddies in one frame! Yaay!

DIY kids easter photoshoot idea at home


Here’s everything I used:

Yellow craft paper roll

Multi colored pompoms

Colored craft sticks

Googly eyes

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

White & multicolored card stock (for bunny ears and feet)

DIY kids easter photoshoot idea at home


Vedh’s easter shirt

Bunny head band

DIY kids easter photoshoot idea at home

Setting up

I started by unrolling the yellow craft paper for my backdrop and arranged the craft stick bunnies that Vedh and I made as a fun easter activity. Lastly I scattered some multicolored pompoms to fill in the empty space and voila.

To make the bunnies, I first hot glued 2 same colored craft sticks together and then glued the eyes in place. For the bunny feet, nose and ears we used some white & multicolored card stock and glued them in place. As a finishing touch, we added a matching pompom to each bunny nose.

DIY kids easter photoshoot idea at home

Hope you liked this fun idea, I’d love to see how your pictures turn out so tag me on Instagram when you post them. Also, do checkout Mommy clicks on Facebook and Pinterest.


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