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Toy story themed photoshoot

Three infinity & beyond!

So, Vedh turned 3 recently and here’s a fun yet simple post birthday photoshoot that I did with his favorites – woody and buzz.

toddler boy with his toy cars

Cars themed photoshoot

Vedh’s most prized possessions are his cars, there’s something about them that wheely wheely fascinates him. If your little one also has a favorite toy that goes everywhere with him then here’s a fun photo idea to try.

Claw crane photoshoot at home

Claw crane themed photoshoot

There’s one thing I always like to do at a mall or the movies – trying my luck at the claw crane! Despite the fact that I never win, it is one my favorite games. So what better way to do a photoshoot involving lots of toys than recreating the claw crane !

little boy holding toy ice cream

Ice cream themed photoshoot

To all the ice cream lovers out there…here’s a cute photo idea you could try with your little one.

Baby boy on a seesaw with his toy photoshoot

Seesaw themed photoshoot

Make the most out of your baby’s nap time with this cute and easy photo idea. Here’s Vedh having fun and making memories with his toy friend!

Baby boy posing to photo being taken by toy friend

DIY baby photoshoot with toys ~ Smileee..!

I guess little Vedh is not happy with his mommy’s photography skills ’cause he already prefers his friends when it comes to taking pictures..! Or maybe they were just having fun.

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